Please Rewind
explores the traces that humans leave behind on media objects. The work starts as an exploration of the VHS material inside a now closed video-store: the historical Mondo Kim in New York, famous for its remarkable collection of films of all kinds (from the most underground to the last Disney movie). The artistic operation starts by taking the tapes that haven’t been rewound, capturing the exact moment in which they were stopped the last time they were viewed. These frames were then turned into animated gifs, presenting them in a potentially infinite loop that can never be stopped. The artwork tries to take into consideration the potentiality of an object of saying something about the human that last used it. Every gif is a sort of testament, a will of intentions, from a human to an object, otherwise incapable of carrying emotions.


multi-channel video installation

GIFs, no sound

This project was developed during the GEM Summer Institute (Concordia University, Montreal) held inside Centro Kim's video archive in Salemi (Italy) during a 13 days workshop supervised by Elisa Giardina Papa, Andrea Masu, Regina Longo and Paul Soulellis. Centro Kim is an archive composed of around 38.000 VHS and DVDs coming from the movie store Mondo Kim, transferred from New York to Salemi in 2009.
To see the entire collection go here.



27.07/2017 @ GEM Summer Institute project’s exhibition - Salemi, IT 
12-13.01/2018 @ SINE - Bunker, Brescia, IT