(Le grand viveur)

Mario Lorenzini was a working class man, a hiker, a hunter, and a member of the Italian Walser community. In the 70s, he bought a super8 camera and started shooting home-movies with it. Through his lens we experience the seasons passing by in Priami, a small village on the Swiss-Italian border. With his cinematic eye, he explores the people around him, while a second point of view emerges, giving an interpretation of his world, his life and his sense of cinema. His relationship with masculinity and the missed relationship with the “other sex” is often highlighted, enhancing the conflict between the expectations of his community and the reality of not fitting in.


short film

21’, HD, color, stereo

a film by Perla Sardella
images by Mario Lorenzini
editing & texts by Perla Sardella
sound design by I Conniventi
archival footage from Archivio Superottimisti / Ass. Museo Nazionale Cinema Torino
text editing by Marco Longo
english translation by Carrie Curtis
developed inside Reframing Home Movies 2019



17.apr.2020    WORLD PREMIERE @  VISIONS DU RÉEL, Medium-lenght and short film Competition - Nyon, Switzerland

16.nov.2020   SOUTH AMERICAN PREMIERE @ ULTRACINEMA Mx - Tepic Nay, Mexico

01.dec.2020   ITALIAN PREMIERE @ FILMMAKER FESTIVAL, Prospettive Competition - Milan, Italy

13.dec.2020  Rassegna Abbecedario del Reale by MACMA @ lefornaci.org - Italy

01.may.2021  @ TRENTO FILM FESTIVAL, Main Competition - Trento, Italy

04.jul.2021  @ NUOVIMONDI Festival, Main Competition - Valloriate, Italy