(The Fugitives)

Moving images are made static by scanning movie scenes while they play. The movements and the actions of the characters are petrified in a pose, not completely still, but suggesting a movement, an action, or a mood they were experiencing. The images are revolving, as if an invisible wind was blowing through the characters. The chosen films were vital to destroy preconceived ideas on gender, race and class. The characters are all experiencing a need to escape from a situation imposed by a general structure, wishing for salvation, and looking for it, everyone in her own way, like Daphne, a nymph in greek mythology who asked for help to the gods because she was chased by Apollo. Her prayers were listened and she was turned into a tree moments before being overtaken by the god. From which standpoint is liberation achieved? In movement or in petrification?


Serie 1: collection of digital images  

Serie 2: blueback digital prints 120x42 cm



28.04-30.06/2018 @ Unleashing Screensaver, Columbia University - New York City
                                   @ ScreenSaver Gallery online exhibition
                                   @ leavethemgirlsalone.com curated by Kamilia Kard

30.05.2018  @ Leave Them Girls Alone  group show - Lavanderia self service dell’Isola,                             Milano