(Comfort Zone)

Comfort Zone is the story, in between fiction and documentary, of a journey in an unknown city, Dubai. The film is based on Hafid's authentic pictures, a young man that after stealing a smartphone forgot to switch off the autosyncing of its photos, making possible to the phone's owner to see on her computer everything Hafid was shooting. In the frustrated search that separates the two characters, the camera comes between as a third character, reflecting on real and digital spaces and their connection with the human being. 


short film

13’29’’, HD, color, stereo

a film by Perla Sardella
shot and edited by Perla Sardella
with Sona Hovannysian and Hafid F.
music by Carlo Maria Amadio



25/11/2015    WORLD PREMIERE @ 33th Torino Film Festival (Italiana.corti) - Cinema                                Lux Torino
13/12/2015    @ Filmidee Day - Cinema Beltrade Milano
10/6/2016     @ USB Gallery - Jesi
25/6/2016     @ LetterAltura - Viterbo
06/7/2016     @ The Best of Nabawood Festival - La Triennale di Milano
09/7/2016     @ 52a Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema - Pesaro
22/01/2017    INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE @ 300. Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Stuttgart
06/2/2017     @ AOCF58 Galleria Bruno Lisi - Roma
21/10/2018    @ Five Ws “Where” curated by &nd Project - Roccamonfina NA


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