San Giuseppe is a neighbourhood in Jesi, an ordinary small town in Italy, that like many others has undergone a radical change in population since the first migrations in the 90s, and that is still going on today. A place just two steps away from the city centre in which, they say, it’s best not to go. The documentary follows a day in the life of the neighbourhood, and tells the stories of the people who live there, who lived there and who constantly take care of its inhabitants. 


short documentary

21’10’’, HD, color, stereo

with stories by Sandro Bellagamba, Chiara Bonura, Maria Alessandra Bini, Claudia Cantamessa, Luca Campanelli, Marina Canonico, Clementina Cardinali, Gabriela Cardinali, Erica Danti, Ibtissam El Harrati, Giancarlo Giacani, Alice Giuliani, Elisa Giuliani, Amira Halbaoui, Kazi Fokhrul Islam, Elton Kazanxhi, Valentina Lasca, Giorgio Lasca, Lorenzo Leoni, Luigina Mischiatti, Giuseppe Rango, Dante Ricci, Giorgio Rocchegiani, Francesco Sardella 

music performed live by K-NÔ